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Dr. LaTonya Steele


LaTonya has spent 20+ years of her career as an educator teaching high school and adult learners business courses in the community college system. She is a strong believer that education is important for all ages. She has a passion for giving back to others and helping them succeed in reaching their academic, professional and personal goals. LaTonya has a Ph.D. in Management and is a lifelong learner.


Since the birth of her first granddaughter, LaTonya has recently developed a new interest in writing educational books for children. She started writing books for her granddaughter and wanted to share them with other children, families, and caregivers. LaTonya decided to make an educational book series (Learning with Harmony®) for children from birth to 5 years old. The main characters in the book are her granddaughter (Harmony) and dog (Penny).  


Studies have shown that reading to babies and toddlers early in life helps their development in many ways. Reading to children every day helps them get familiar with different letters, sounds, words, language and, eventually, the great value and joy of books. Building baby’s literacy skills from birth, help them go on to read successfully later in life. Reading to your children also stimulates their imagination and helps them to learn about the big world around them. Reading is a great time for bonding with your children and spending quality time together.

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