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Our precious unstuffed animal kits make an excellent gift! They are also a fun addition to birthday parties, baby showers, sleepovers, school and church events. They are for kids and adults!

Fill the unstuffed animal of your choice with both stuffing and love, which will return a gift of hugs forever. You can have a great time creating a plush stuffed pet with our 16 Inch unstuffed animal kits! You will love creating your very own new stuffed animal. Stuff your animal with our stuffing, and close with hidden one-way zipper closure. No sewing necessary!

All  of our cute animals are made of 100% polyester fabric. The animals are washable, non-allergenic, non-toxic and safe, conforming to CPSC codes of safety. Stuffing is top grade 100% polyester polyfil fiber. All the animals are large, 16 inches for most.

Our animals should only be stuffed with our 100% polyester polyfil. Each animal needs 4-5 ounces of stuffing and a red heart. We provide a white animal t-shirt, which you can create beautiful designs with fabric markers. We also provide a birth certificate and a decorative carry home box with handles.

LearningWithHarmony recommends planning ahead for parties and events. Normally orders are processed within 1-3 business days and shipping requires up to 7 business days to US locations.  

Each Kit Includes:

16 inch plush unstuffed bear or animal 
stuffing fluff (4-5 oz)
white animal t-shirt (fabric marker not included)
birth certificate
heart insert
carry home box

Purchase from our Etsy Shop today! Click the Build A Pet Kits link above!

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